Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can, National Compliance Training is authorised to offer all of our Driver CPC courses online.

All of our online training sessions take place on Zoom. Sessions can be joined on mobile phone, tablet or computer. Sessions are fully interactive and trainers encourage interaction with drivers, group discussions and interactive polls are used throughout sessions to maximise driver involvement and reinforce learning.

Each day of training counts towards 7 hours of your mandatory 35 hours requirement.

Driver CPC cards are sent directly to the driver upon completion of the mandatory 35 hours of training.

Having ‘acquired rights’ means that you did not have to take the Driver CPC initial qualification because of your existing driving experience.

You still need to take periodic training, but there are set deadlines.

Drivers of coaches, lorries and buses must by law hold a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, otherwise known as a Driver CPC. Without it, you’re not allowed to drive professionally at all.  It’s the case now that if you undertake your professional HGV, bus or coach training, then you will need to get a Driver CPC as part of your qualification. But that wasn’t always the case, and that’s why we have grandfather rights or acquired rights.

It is a legal requirement to hold a Drivers CPC card.  Failure to hold a valid and current CPC when driving will result in a fine of £1000. You can also get fined £50 for not carrying your driver CPC card.