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PRINCE2 Foundation provides you with the fundemental knowledge that forms the basis of the PRINCE2 methodology.   PRINCE2 is a structured project management method – based on the collective experience of numerous project managers, teams, academics, consultants and trainers – which provides a secure framework to manage projects. PRINCE2 provides guidance that gives individuals and organizations the essentials of running a project, is easy to learn and a flexible method that can adapt to all types of project.

Our 3 day PRINCE2® Foundation course is designed to fully introduce the PRINCE2® methodology providing a full overview of the 7 themes, processes and principles whilst providing you with all the knowledge required to pass the PRINCE2®  Foundation examination.

85% of PRINCE2 Practitioners* describe it as valuable to their current role

Over 1 MILLION PRINCE2 practitioners worldwide

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So what is PRINCE2

PRojects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) is a generic and structured project management method based on a wealth of experience drawn from thousands of projects undertaken in organizations around the world. Input into the method has come from many stakeholders
(project managers, sponsors, project teams, industry leading experts, lecturers and consultants) and the final publication has gone through a rigorous review process to ensure it fully meets the needs of the project management community.

PRINCE2 is a method; a framework; an umbrella under which project management can be undertaken with efficacy. PRINCE2 provides guidance on what to do (in order to run a project) and why it should be done this way, but draws the line at prescribing how to do it. PRINCE2 is about managing projects not about doing the work and this is a subtle difference that must be appreciated fully to understand and implement PRINCE2. If PRINCE2 concerned itself with doing then it would cease to be generic and losesome (or, indeed, all) of its efficacy.

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